Research is our middle name and since 1977 WREI has been the source of reliable data and clear thinking about the status of American women.  Our first ‘clients’ were federal legislators—the 18 women then serving in the U.S. Congress.  Over the years our mandate has widened to include 90 women serving in the House and Senate plus state officials, local governments, women's advocates, corporate policymakers, the media, teachers, students, and just about anyone interested in issues of equality. 


At WREI, we do more than just talk about policy. Since 1980, WREI has offered some 300 talented scholars the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in manipulating the levers of power.  They work as professional staff in House and Senate offices as prestigious Congressional Fellows on Women & Public Policy. Many of them have gone on to leadership positions in government, academia, business, and advocacy organizations; several have been elected to public office on the state level and the dream of a WREI Fellow returning to Capitol Hill as a member of congress is nearing reality.


As of January 1, 2014, the Congressional Fellowships on Women & Public Policy were transferred to Women’s Policy, Inc.  For information about this year’s Fellows or for an application for 2015, please go to


With significant if incomplete advances in women’s rights over the past 30 years have come increased responsibilities, especially in the area of national defense. American servicewomen now play a critical role at home and abroad and WREI is especially proud of our long advocacy on their behalf.  For a quarter century, WREI’s research, conferences and biannual publication, Women in the Military – Where They Stand, have played a defining role for women soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen and Coast Guardsmen as they serve their country.


I welcome you to the WREI website and hope it will become a valuable resource for you in gaining a better understanding of the gender issues of our time.


Jean Stapleton

WREI's Founding


"We at WREI remember Ms. Stapleton as anything but the sweet, if naïve, ‘dingbat’ she portrayed on the ground breaking program.

"Rather we knew her as WREI’s founding chair – a post she held until her death last week – an intelligent, committed feminist who gave of herself to build a fairer, more open-minded society that bettered the lot of all the Edith Bunkers in the world."

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33rd Annual

Capitol Hill Salute
to the
Class of 2013

Congressional Fellows on Women & Public Policy

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WREI President Susan Scanlan and a host of Fellows from yesterday and today celebrate the Class of 2013.

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